At RSI we believe that no two businesses are the same. Understanding what makes your business unique is essential to understanding what it takes to make your business’s IT systems secure. Our advisory and intel services are designed to do just that, and to do it all within your budget.

Our team of experts offers a range of consultancy and intel services, all of which are designed to make your business more secure. Our most common advisory services are explained below, with some insight into how each one can help your business.

# Cloud Security

The cloud brings a wide range of benefits to most businesses, but it’s not always easy for firms to make the transition.

With such a vast amount of choice out there, it’s never easy for businesses to know which service is right for their needs. This often pushes companies into selecting over-the-top packages, which commonly increase the chance of harboring vulnerabilities.

RSI can be there to guide your business through your options when it comes to cloud solutions. Not only do our experts have the experience necessary to understand your specific needs, but they are also vendor neutral, ensuring that you receive the right service for you, no matter who provides it.

Our service is not just about getting you and your company on the right track, it’s about helping you well into the future. In addition to organizing penetration testing of your cloud services, we are happy to schedule regular reviews to assess the ongoing performance and security of your chosen cloud solutions. We can help you determine whether to upscale or downscale your cloud services based on your changing needs, and to assess whether your services are as secure as they used to be. Give us a call today to discuss your own cloud security.

# Security Risk Analysis

Proper analysis is an essential step en route to establishing a secure IT network. For most businesses, however, the resources simply are not in place to answer the most pressing questions:

What is our most valuable data? Where is this data stored, and who has access to it? Which systems are most vulnerable? Who is most likely to attack, and why?

RSI' asset-centric risk analysis is able to answer all these questions and more. By identifying your critical assets and supporting core assets and their security concerns, as well as understanding the impact of any attacks on your business, we are able to identify your weaknesses.

Having identified your vulnerabilities and the capabilities required to exploit them, as well as the likelihood, motivation and frequency of any attack, we can determine the risk to your business. We will then be in a strong position to devise a security mitigation plan that’s right for your business.

With minimal intrusion on the operation of your business, RSI will be able to provide a complimentary gap analysis against industry standards. Ours hands on approach ensures that we are well placed to provide an accurate cost-benefit analysis which is tailored to your firm, saving you money at the same time as making your company more secure. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

governanceriskcompliance Governance Risk Compliance

Your company’s IT governance and risk management strategies are an integral part of any IT security planning. At RSI, we recognize the importance of integrating your GRC concerns into any security advisory service that we provide.

Our team has a deep working knowledge of compliance, but we also understand the importance of working closely with your staff. We know that this is an area which needs to reflect the underlying values of your own business. As such, we are keen to provide a working GRC solution which encompasses not only our practical considerations, but your corporate expectations as well. Give us a ring at RSI to discuss how we can provide a GRC solution that suits your business.

forensicanalysis Forensic Analysis

When an incident takes place, forensics are a top priority. Unfortunately, most companies lack the resources, skills and expertise to carry out a comprehensive analysis for themselves. Large datasets are a common problem, with few businesses possessing the ability to carry out intelligent filtering. It can also be difficult for businesses to carry out fully independent investigations within their own walls.

RSI' team of industry-certified engineers are able to offer effective, professional and discreet forensics services around the clock. Our intelligent electronic discovery methods can provide the what, when, who and why answers that are necessary to establishing your next steps in the event of a security breach at your company.

Whether you’re dealing with cybercrime, a suspected insider, malicious damage to information, or evidence building, our team can lend their expert opinion to your investigation, as well as our powerful resources.

serviceloadtesting Service Load Testing

It is a simple fact that the true capability of running systems is usually unknown to businesses. This commonly raises one of two dangers: either businesses are unknowingly paying over the odds for needlessly sized resources, or they run the risk of overloading their system without prior notice. Either outcome can prove crippling for a small or medium sized company.

RSI' load testing involves the simulation of a large-scale cyber-attack, and a comprehensive analysis of your outfit’s ability to deal with the problem. Our methods are designed to test not only your systems and applications, but also the teams which are running them.

Service load testing is the most effective way to understand your existing resource capability, as well as to make plans for DOS protection moving forward. Our tests will make your system more secure and may also provide the opportunity to reduce operating expenses by removing unnecessary resources from your system. Speak to RSI about running these vital tests today.

strategicpeerbenchmarking Strategic Peer Benchmarking

In a rapidly-evolving world where there is a clear and continuous shift towards dematerialization, no business can claim to be at the edge in terms of cybersecurity best practices and strategies without ad-hoc comparisons against the industry’s leaders.

Out teams at RSI can obtain and analyze the key data points and indicators that give you valuable insights into what your competitors might be doing right now and where they are most likely headed in the near and medium term in terms of cybersecurity.

With reliable and up-to-date benchmark data and analyses in hand from the outset, our clients save valuable time and financial resources by minimizing strategy readjustments and budget renegotiations down the line.

acquisitiontargetanalysis Acquisition Target Analysis

When the solution for expansion and market position consolidation is external growth, few elements can be as harmful as neglecting to investigate the existing cybersecurity weaknesses of the acquisition target. A target can be doing perfectly fine on paper, but serious flaws in its approach to cybersecurity leaves the door open to the very present risk of its value being wiped overnight. A target can also have sound systems and processes in place but making those work with the acquiring company's ones can sometimes be a very costly enterprise, effectively making the acquisition much less appealing than initially expected.

Our teams at RSI are skilled and experienced at auditing acquisition target systems and processes in view of assessing the ease and cost of their integration with our clients’. Our approaches are designed to use our clients’ current and upcoming cybersecurity systems and processes as a starting point, and work out the effort and cost needed to make the target’s systems and processes work with the clients’ ones.

For a full understanding of how an upcoming acquisition could benefit or harm your business from the cybersecurity fit point of view, speak to us today at RSI.