One of the most exciting things about IT is that it is always developing. While this means great things for innovation, it can also pose problems for the security of your systems. At RSI, we believe that the key to a secure system lies in effective and ongoing management of your core services.

Whether your systems have been designed and installed by our team or not, we are keen to work with you into the future. Our core service management can be applied to any system and is both comprehensive and affordable.

Our team is dedicated to providing ongoing support to help your business deal with security threats well into the future. At the center of this philosophy are our world-class management services, some of which are introduced below.

# Security Incident Monitoring & Response

Dealing effectively with incidents on-site requires the building of a security operations center. The problem for most businesses is that they have neither the budget nor the skill-set to piece together and operate such a system.

What RSI can offer is a 24/7/365 security service, with engineers available to respond to queries around the clock. Our monitoring services take place in state of the art and secure facilities, ensuring that no threat goes undetected, no matter when it arises.

Our services don’t stop at detection, though. As well as using a variety of tools to detect attacks, we are also on hand to deal with them. The RSI team is committed not only to engaging our clients in the event of an attack, but also to guiding them through the response process.

We believe that communication lies at the heart of successful service management. That is why our service is based on a system of regular feedback and knowledge transfer. We promise to provide our customers with meaningful information in the form of readable reports and not just log print-outs. If you are keen on benefiting from true threat detection and targeted remediation, give RSI a call today. We can help shift your approach from reaction to action.

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

When vulnerability scanning is intermittent, the inevitable result is that your customers are the first to become aware of cyber incidents. Not only can this be embarrassing, but infrequent scans can also lead to gaps in your knowledge, which can make it harder for you to detect threats in the future.

Our continuous vulnerability scanning service covers both internal and client-facing systems. Crucially, this ensures that we can detect problems before your clients have a chance to. At the same time as carrying out an attack, RSI will also be testing how easy it is to evade detection. The results will be analyzed comprehensively, allowing vulnerabilities to be identified and solutions to be found.

Our detection process also involves the identification of new, removed or amended hosts on your network, as well as the detection of rogue devices. We’re also on the lookout for new services, open ports and vulnerable software running on your network. The key to this service lies in identifying problems before they arise, thereby drastically reducing the impact they have on the day to day running of your business. Get in touch with RSI today to speak in more detail about how your business can benefit from our cutting-edge vulnerability scanning services.

# Managed Security

Keeping up with the latest firmware and knowing which features to enable or disable on all your devices is not always straightforward. In fact, for many businesses, managing a network and security infrastructure can quickly become a burden, preventing them from concentrating on their key daily tasks.

Dealing with change requests on security appliances can be hugely resource intensive, making life difficult for businesses of all sizes. The difficulty of keeping tabs on things like changes to firewall rules and application restrictions often leads to companies becoming progressively lenient when it comes to security.

Having your security appliances managed by our experts at RSI can bring peace of mind. Whether you want to co-manage an existing infrastructure with us or would like us to build one from scratch, our teams can get the job done. Our team at RSI is also entirely vendor-neutral, ensuring that you end up with a system that is right for you. To discuss the management of your firewalls, IPS, data loss prevention software or any other network and security appliances, get in touch with an expert at RSI today.